Our Story

Lydia's version:

Matt and I met on Memorial Day at a cookout that our friend Amy was having at her complex. I just happened to live in the complex also. We started talking over a game of lawn jarts...yeah, the real thing that is now illegal because of the sharp points! Luckily we managed to not stab each other with them, even if we were throwing them wrong, and decided to go play trivia the next night. Trivia went well so we set up our first date for that Thursday. We went to a Sushi place called California Rollin. The date went well until I offered to pay at the end and Matt let me! I wasn't sure how I felt about this, being the first real date and all, but luckily Matt persuaded me to hangout again by telling me we could go hiking. We didn't end up going hiking on our next date, but Matt did pay and even made a comment about how it was weird that I had paid for our first date.

Everytime that we hung out, I liked Matt more and more. He even liked my cats! After some serious dingdonging, I convinced Matt that we should move in together. I knew within the first month of living together that it would workout. We did both have to make compromises because Matt likes everything to be in it's place and I am fine with things being cluttered.

For my 31st birthday we went to the Poconos. The night before my birthday we were getting ready for dinner...I was in the process of flossing my teeth because we had everything bagels for breakfast and I had a stuffed everything pretzel for lunch (which was delicious by the way), when Matt asked me if I was going to wear the ring he had bought me the previous year to dinner. I wore this ring on my left hand. I said "yeah, why" and turned around and he was down on one knee and simply said, "because I thought you might want to wear this one instead". I obviously jumped up and down and said yes and the rest is history!

Matt's version:

When I was first invited by my friend Damian to go to a Memorial Day BBQ, at someone’s house whom I had never met, let’s just say it took a little convincing to get me to agree to go. Turns out Damian wasn’t even supposed to bring guests, but fate works like that sometimes.

Yes we went out to dinner and I actually let her pay for our first date. She offered and I agreed to it very easily. Fortunately she allowed me to take her to dinner again and make up for that slight lapse in judgment. What she didn’t mention in her story is she made me sweat out that mistake. We had planned to meet at the Rochester Jazz festival a few nights later. After several failed attempts to locate her, Lydia left for the night. I was very nervous that I had ruined a chance with someone who was going to be a very special part of my life.

Lydia and I got along together right from the start. Before we moved in together I knew that I wanted marry her. I really wanted to surprise Lydia when I proposed, which was hard because I knew that she was really hoping for our engagement to happen. I would like to thank Lydia’s New Hampshire friends for all getting engaged before us, you guys really know how to turn up the pressure on a guy. I couldn’t be happier and I think I pulled off the surprise and she was very surprised in that moment at the Poconos. We’re both excited for our wedding and looking forward to having our family and friends together with us next May.